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22. března 2006 v 16:04 | Martin Vavřík
Looks to me like a female Siberian Thrush.

Bill Harvey
Dear Martin,

It doesn't look like any standard thrush that we see here in China. And
that includes eunomus x naumanni intergrades.

So I guess hybrid. Maybe ruficollis x eunomus? Eunomus rather than
naumanni on account on the 'black' component to the underparts, but hard to

Nice images.

If any of you Czech birdwatchers are thinking about visiting China please
get in touch with me.

Kindest regards,

Beidaihe, China.
My immediate first thought is a Blackbird Turdus merula. I see no field marks that can drop that out, and all the field marks I see fit that. The breast scalopping in also OK in my opinion as is the bill color. Are there any other pictures?
I have attached a picture of a Blackbird that visited by backyard in December 2005, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It shares many of the characters. The picture was taken thougbh the window.


Dr. Harry J Lehto

Unfortunately the pictures are only from the front,
but from what I can see I think it's a strongly marked
female Blackbirs - Turdus merula.

Albert Noorlander
The Netherlands.
Hi Martin:

Red-tailed (Naumann's) Thrush would be my suggestion.

Here's one from Beidaihe, China, March 1985. (Much less beautiful than
photos you posted!)
We found they were variable in plumage. Some were more like Dusky
Thrush form.

Call a v little like fieldfare, as I recall. (Several east Asian
thrushes do little more than a high "seep").

Hope this is useful; I guess others will have sent you far more
detailed info.

Best regards,
Dear Martin

On the available photographs, this thrush just looks like a pale, well
marked female blackbird (turdus merula) to me. I could be wrong, and
perhaps you should base your diagnosis on more peoples opinion than

Paul French
It seems to be a naumanni Dusky Thrush: Turdus naumanni naumanni.

Heikki Vasamies
Espoo Finland
A nakonec názor hongkongské FK:
Dear Martin, I and two other members of the HK Records Committee have looked at the photos you have posted, and we are equally puzzled ! The nearest we can come up with are imm/fem Red-throated or Black-throated Thrush, or perhaps Tickell's Thrush. I'm sure you have considered these yourselves. However, all of these show a distinct dark malar stripe, which this bird does not. The nearest we could come up with was a first winter female Common Blackbird, but, again, I'm sure you've considered this also Do you have any shots of the upperparts? Regards, Geoff Carey

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